A patented system which enables the use of moving light sources within footage captured at any speed, including the frozen world of high speed imaging. By using a high speed cinema camera to arrest a moment of time and light sources moving at over 10,000 feet per second, this technology creates the ability to move light sources within images frozen in time.

Our software allows us to control the movement of light sources and the movement of the scene as independent variables.

Predominantly used with high speed cameras such as the Vision Research Phantom, but can also be used with lower frame rate cameras, such as Arri Alexa and Red Weapon, or even a DSLR, to provide dynamic moving light at various frame rates.


Light sources can be moved on any path (straight line, curve, and / or multiple paths)

Our software controls the speed / acceleration / deceleration of the light. Moving light can be synchronized with slow motion, real time or time lapse footage, or even shift between varying frame rates with in-camera time ramping.


Light sources can illuminate in any pattern (randomly, in sequence, in a prescribed formation)
In the example below, a spread pattern of red, green and blue lights are moving at the same speed, where they converge they create white light, where they separate they create color.