We offer several technologies for film-making and still photography.
At the core of Satellite Lab is precise synchronization of strobe lighting to camera, enabling the following:



Moving light sources

A patented system which enables the use of moving light sources within footage captured at any speed, including the frozen world of high speed imaging. 


• Control the speed of the light relative to the action (Acceleration, deceleration — time ramping to / from real time and time-lapse).

• Light sources can be moved on any path
(Straight line, curve, and / or multiple paths)

• Light sources can illuminate in any pattern
(randomly, in sequence, in a prescribed formation)

> More information & Examples of DymanicLight



Multiple lighting set-ups captured simultaneously

Each lighting scenario is acquired as a separate plate, which can be combined in post for creative or technical flexibility and efficiency.

Can be used to shoot the following live action / motion as separate

• Key, fill and edge lighting for relighting control in post.

• Blue-screen lighting and main scene lighting.

• Different creative lighting set-ups, such as day lighting and night lighting.

•Key lighting and VFX lighting for tracking or effect.

> More information & Examples of PlateLight 



Video + Stills simultaneously

Provides the ability to shoot video and stills simultaneously, (including stills with strobe) without lighting from one impacting the other.

Can be used for:

• Reduce equipment and time required to capture video and stills of the same content.

• Adding a stills photographer using strobe to a video/film set or vice versa.

• High speed video and high resolution stills simultaneously.

• Behind the scenes capture not impacting main shoot.

> More information & Examples of FrameLight